Welcome To Beach Talk Radio News

Welcome To Beach Talk Radio News

admin July 14, 2020 0

As a compliment to Beach Talk Radio, broadcast every Saturday at 9AM, we’re launching this new news-focused website to keep the community informed about all the news happening on Fort Myers Beach. Our news coverage will include…

All town government meetings, interviews with prominent members of the community, updates on major projects such as the Estero Boulevard road construction, Margaritaville, Bay Oaks, Bayside Park, Times Square, The Lovers Key expansion,  and many others.

We plan to highlight local beach businesses, interview amazing beach residents and bring to light the many characters that make Fort Myers Beach unique.

We will also have monthly columns from Fire Chief Matt Love, The Fairy Podmother Monica Lynn, Ranger Robert Howell and many others.

PLUS…every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00AM you will receive an e-mail with updated news headlines, delivered directly to your inbox. In order to receive those headlines, you’ll need to opt-in HERE.

You can listen to every episode of Beach Talk Radio HERE

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