Here are the local government meetings for Fort Myers Beach, The City of Sanibel and Lee County. We have also included how you can listen or watch those meetings.

Town of Fort Myers Beach

You can watch Fort Myers Beach meetings HERE on YouTube


Anchorage Advisory committee (AAC)- (established to advise staff and the Town Council on all issues pertaining to the Town’s public mooring field)
MEETS: 3rd Wednesday of every month 9 AM in Council Chambers town hall.

Bay Oaks Recreational Campus Advisory board (BORCAB)- to further the welfare of the citizens of the town and other utilizing the campus and its facilities and provide advice to the town council when requested with regard to matters concerns Bay oaks campus.
MEETS: First Tuesday of each month 9 AM Town Hall

Community Resource Advisory Board (CRAB)- enhance the quality of life on FMB by creating a vision for the community through community activities such as education, leadership, volunteerism, beautification and recreation.
MEETS: The second Tuesday of each month at 3 PM at Town Hall

Cultural and Environment Learning Center Advisory Board (CELCAB)- oversee the Mound House and Newton Park as well as manage and promote the cultural, historical and environmental resources of FMB.
MEETS: Quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the month at 3 PM at Town Hall

Local Planning Agency (LPA)- to further the welfare of the citizens by helping to promote a better, more positive community environment and ensure that the unique, natural characteristics of the island are persevered.
MEETS: Second Tuesday of every month 9 AM Town Hall

Marine Resources Task Force (MRTF)- Promote stewardship of our marine resources, stop further damage and rehabilitate Estero Bay and surrounding waters and bring them to the point they will continue to be the driving force of our economy, sustain quality of life in cooperation with all who depend on the health of Estero Bay.
MEETS: Second Wednesday of every month at 3 PM at Town Hall


Sanibel City Council Meetings

  • 7/14/20- 9 AM City Hall
  • 8/18/20- 9 AM City Hall
  • 9/14/20- 9 AM City Hall
  • 10/6/20- 9 AM City Hall
  • 11/3/20- 9 AM City Hall
  • 12/1/20- 9 AM City Hall

Board of Fort Myers Beach Fire Commissioner Meetings

Regular board meetings held at 6 PM at FMB Town Hall

Work sessions and meetings @ 9:30 held at FMB Library


July 22 6:00 pm 

August 12 9:30 am 

September (Preliminary & Final Budget Hearings To Be Determined) ¬ 

September 23 6:00 pm •

October 14 9:30 am ¬ 

October 28 6:00 pm • 

November 18 9:30 am(Note 3rd Wednesday) 

December 9 9:30 am