Lani Kai Owners Say Changes Are Coming Soon

Lani Kai Owners Say Changes Are Coming Soon

admin August 3, 2020 2

The Conidiaris family, owners of the Lani Kai, did not attend the town council meeting on Monday. It’s clear the family knows the community is outraged with the recent murder at the hotel, the excessive calls to the Sheriff and fire department, and the backing of Chris Patton’s lawsuits.

In an effort to try to smooth things over, Ken Conidiaris ( sent an e-mail to all town council members outlining changes that he says will be made at the business. Here’s what his e-mail said…

The Lani Kai is working hard on implementing positive changes coming soon:

  • After hours, ONLY guests may be on property or beach. Zero Tolerance policy for non-guests
  • Updating room keycards to wrist fobs, which will help with guest identification
  • Do Not Rent list for anyone who causes any type of altercation
  • Cover-ups and footwear now required indoors
  • Begin issuing a resort fee
  • Slight price increase on alcoholic beverages
  • Continue to hire LCSO during busier-than-usual holidays and events
  • Begin hiring LCSO on the weekends
  • Staff will go through security training certifications, licensing and thorough background checks
    • Staff will attend quarterly security meetings for updates/mandates to the department


2 Responses to Lani Kai Owners Say Changes Are Coming Soon

  1. Avatar CJ says:

    Not good enough!!!
    Deep clean and remodel every room! Downstairs bar area is disgusting!
    Increase room rates to weed out riffraff. Do not rent to anyone less than 30 years old!
    No groups of 3 or more unless they are part of the same family with parents present.

  2. Avatar Lori says:

    I would add , paint the building. It is old school- has been-ugly. Looks like a middle schooler painted it. Look up ‘eye sore’ and a pi you your hotel will be there.

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