Fort Myers Beach Turtle Update

Fort Myers Beach Turtle Update

admin August 3, 2020 0

Our friends at Turtle Time have informed us that the latest turtle count includes 131 loggerhead sea turtle nests and 38 nests have hatched. Fort Myers Beach has a record number of nests this year.

The overall count, however, for nests on the beaches that Turtle Time monitors is actually slightly less than that of 2018. the year to which we are comparing this year’s total.  We may still have more nests to mark in the immediate future!

Turtle season ends October 31.

Here are the cumulative data for Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Beach Big Hickory Island and Bunche Beach:
2020 – 286 nests
2019 – 367 nests
2018 – 297 nests

From the Turtle Time team:  “We are thrilled that sea turtles have returned to their natal beach of Fort Myers Beach this year!  Now, we need to make sure that the hatchlings will find their way to their ocean home.  Please close drapes, turn off or shield any light visible from the beach, use Amber LED light bulbs and fill in any holes dug in the sand.  None of these requirements are too difficult…but they can mean life or death to a threatened or endangered sea turtle hatchling.”


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