Lani Kai Killer Person of Interest in Custody

The Issues

Lani Kai Killer Person of Interest in Custody

On Beach Talk Radio Saturday, August 1st, Lee County Commissioner Ray Sandelli said the Lee County Sheriff's Department has a "person of interest" in custody related to the Lain Kai murder which took place on July 15.

Times Square To Get a Nice Face Lift

It's unknown at this point when the multi-million dollar Times Square construction will begin. A few months ago there was a presentation made that included a proposal of what a new Times Square might look like. Then COVID-19 hit and a lot of things were paused.

What Will Happen To Bayside Park?

Redeveloping Bayside Park has been an ongoing saga with a few twists and turns along the way.  Initially DRMP (the engineering company for all three town projects-bayside, Time Square and Bay Oaks)  presented a simple plan with an open area including a stage, splash pad and rain garden at an early March town council meeting. 

The Latest On The Big Bay Oaks Project

BORCAB - The Bay Oaks Recreation Committee Advisory Board held their stakeholders meeting on July 13th to present and get community input on the Bay Oaks redevelopment project, a project the committee has been working hard on for the last 2 years.

Town Wins Margaritaville Lawsuit

(July 8) The 2nd District Court of Appeals has just affirmed the lower court ruling regarding Margaritaville. They did it without writing an opinion which is the best possible outcome for the project. We interview TPI's Tom Torgerson an hour after the ruling was handed down. WATCH IT HERE

Patton Files Another Lawsut

(July 9) This morning Fort Myers Beach resident Chris Patton filed another lawsuit against the Town of Fort Myers Beach to try to delay the Margaritaville Resort on Fort Myers Beach. Her attorney is once again Bob Conidiaris' attorney Ralf Brooks. The suit was filed in Lee County Court with Judge Laboda. They are alleging the town's LDC/Comp Plan is unconstitutional. This will delay the project at least one more year.

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